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A. From the Airport (Incheon International Airport)
(1) Limousine Bus Line
Destination: City Air Terminal (COEX/Samseong Subway Station/Inter Continental HTL)
Bus Stop Number at the Airport: 3B, 10B
Operating hours: 5.30 am ~ 10.30 pm (IIA ~ CAT) / 5.20 am ~ 10.00 pm (CAT ~ IIA)
Operating Interval: Every 5 ~ 10 minutes
Traveling time (min.): 60 minutes
Fare: 12,000 won
(2) Taxi Traveling time: approx. 55 minutes
Fare: approx. 60,000 won
B. From the city
If you are in the city, taking either a subway or a taxi is the easiest way to reach the fair site.
(1) Subway
Destination: Samsung station (Trade Center) ~ Exit no. 6
Line No. 2 Green Line
(2) Taxi
Call Taxi only for Foreigners provided by World Cup Arirang Tourist Co Ltd.
Tel. +82 (0)2 793 1013
Basement #2 (B2) Basement #3(B3) Basement #4(B4)
Parking zone Exhibition : D,E,F,I,G zone Convention Hall: E/F/K/J Grand Ball Room: J/K/L ASEM Hall: J/K/L Auditorium: J/K/L Conference Center: D/E/F/G Grand Conference Room: E/F/G Indian Hall Conference Room: J/K/L Trade Tower: A/B/C COEX Mall: H/J/K/L ASEM Tower: M/N/L Mega Box: J/K/L COEX Aquarium: L Parking zone Exhibition : P,R,S zone Convention Hall: R/S/T Grand Ball Room: R/S/T ASEM Hall: R/S/T Auditorium: R/S/T Indian Conference Room: J/K/L Trade Tower: O/P COEX Mall: R/S/T ASEM Tower: O/P/Q COEX Aquarium: R/Q Parking zone Exhibition : W,X zone Convention Hall: W/X/Y Grand Ball Room: W/X/Y/Z ASEM Hall: W/X/Y/Z Auditorium: W/X/Y/Z Indian Hall Conference Room: J/K/L Trade Tower: W COEX Mall: W/X/Y/Z ASEM Tower: U/V Mega Box: W/X/Y COEX Aquarium: V/Y/Z
Note - 1,000 won/15 mins. for passenger cars. (2,000 won for initial 30 mins.) - 4,000 won/hour - Double charge for trucks of 2.5 tons or more and buses of 25 seats or more. - Maximum 40,000 won will be charged for whole-day parking of a passenger car. - We recommend you to use public transportation if you feel some burden on the parking charge. Also, the participants in the event may use Tancheon Parking Lot.